Providing optimal solutions with various creative at the core of our skills.

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As a one stop creative solutions company, we perform a variety of functions. We can help you dramatically save your time for meetings and your budget for project planning and production if you make package purchasing arrangements with us.
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We create websites for multiple platforms based on our research into the international trends in website design. We also deal with various enquiries concerning bilingual copywriting in both English and Japanese and even advancing beyond international borders.
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We are running a B2B site called Tokyo Character Forum for character and comics business. We also own a vast network of character licensors and licensees, character designers and leading publishers across Japan. We cater for the various needs of our clientele.
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Since the inception of this project in year 2008, we have been catering for many years to various domestic and overseas needs including the planning and production of new characters and comics, negotiation and mediation of popular characters, merchandising of characters, comics, PR and advertising.
The foundation of the operation of a general incorporated association named Gottso Club lies in discovering five varying quality resources fostered by Matsue City of Shimane prefecture, namely rich 'Gottso resources': 'gourmet', 'power spots', 'relaxation', 'entertainment' and 'lifestyle', and having them honoured and popularised.